Healing Earth Spa At Marijani Beach Resort, Zanzibar

The latest in our portfolio of five-star partner properties in East Africa, the Healing Earth Spa offers a world-class holistic wellness destination at Marijani Beach Resort & Spa, a spectacular luxury hotel offering 82 villa-style rooms in Pwani Mchangani in Zanzibar East.

We are so grateful for yet another partnership with a brand that aligns perfectly with our philosophy, sharing the values of holistic wellbeing and world-class experiences as well as social responsibility, staff empowerment and holistic education.

Visit the Healing Earth Spa at Marijani Beach Resort to enjoy a wide range of unique treatments and holistic wellness services as you surrender to the soothing soundtrack of the crashing waves just a few metres away. You’ll find yourself gazing at the incredible views from our spa and being reminded of the restorative power of nature as you’re pampered from top to toe by our premium natural products.

Our expertly trained and highly skilled therapists use a carefully curated range of award-winning Healing Earth products featuring bio-identical active ingredients, organic essential oils, Fairtrade botanicals and shea butters - all meticulously sourced from the African continent.

Along with our world-class treatments and unique signature experiences, the highly-advanced spa boasts state-of-the-art equipment, a luxurious jacuzzi in every room, and the highest standards of hygiene protocols.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our slice of East
African paradise!