Kalahari Melon Body Polish

Kalahari Melon Body Balm

Kalahari Melon Body Balm

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A tropical scented cream-based body polish, enriched with essential fatty acids and skin-smoothing organic granules of apricot kernels and pinotage grape seeds. This skin brightening polish evens out the skin tone and deeply hydrates the skin.

Kalahari Melon Oil

Sustainably sourced Kalahari melon oil is the key to deep hydration with the benefit of being light and easily absorbed into the skin.

Crushed apricot kernels and grape seed

Natural crushed seeds form the exfoliating complex of this polish. Gently removing dead skin cells and brightening dull skin tone.

Blood Orange

Not only rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidants and linoleic acid, blood orange is an effective diuretic and a sedative relaxing both the muscles and the mind.


An inflammation decreasing anti-oxidant which alleviates water retention while hydrating the skin below.

African Ginger

A warming vascular stimulant which boosts immunity and restoring vitality to the skin and body

For a smoother, more even skin tone, massage the polish into the skin in circular movements all over the body. To be used twice weekly, followed by the balm of your choice.