Healing Earth operates several flagship spas around the globe, and provide products, treatments, and training to a multitude of other five-star treatment centres.


Leeu Spa by Healing Earth, Franschhoek

Mala Mala Spa by Healing Earth, Kruger

Healing Earth Wellness Spa at Brahman Hills, Natal

MAUA Wellness by Healing Earth at Zuri Zanzibar

GOLD Spa by Healing Earth, Zanzibar

Healing Earth Spa at Nungwi Dreams, Zanzibar

Sun Spa by Healing Earth, Maldives

Siringit Spa by Healing Earth, Arusha


Healing Earth Spas

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the premium spa sector, we create unique spa and hospitality concepts for our valued and likeminded partners. The consulting side of our business delivers concept development, interior design, operating procedures, and day-to-day advice.



Our Luxurious Spas

    Healing Earth premium SPAS.