Elisabeth Brandt


Healing Earth Founder Elisabeth Brandt has over 30 years of experience in spa conceptualization, innovation, full turnkey wellness operations, product development and supply.

After decades of working in the global spa industry in various EU and Asian countries, Healing Earth Founder Elisabeth Brandt came to realise the international demand for pure, natural, conscious and authentic spa and lifestyle products and therapies sourced from the rich natural wealth of the African continent.

It is through her passion and determination to share the healing, authentic and innovative capabilities of Africa with the world that Healing Earth was born. Healing Earth products are not only harmless to humans, but also to the Earth on which we live.  Elisabeth’s holistic approach, strong beliefs and values reflect in her unique conceptualisation and treatment protocols.

Elisabeth has always been a pioneer in setting standards for spa education and training, and was ahead of her time when promoting this holistic approach in many instances throughout her career. The industry seems finally to have caught up, and many of her efforts in this regard are finally being recognised and rewarded.