MAUA Wellness by Healing Earth at Zuri Zanzibar

Healing Earth and Zuri Zanzibar invite you to embark on a wellness journey to discover a profound peace within - a safe place of tranquility in the sanctuary of Maua Wellness at the heart of Zuri Zanzibar. We believe in continuous nourishment, protection and harmony of the self, inspiring each guest in the pursuit of vitality and total mind and body rejuvenation during their time with us. This balance can only be found through the holistic care of all aspects of being - body, mind and spirit. 

Inspired by the natural abundance of Zanzibar and its spices, we have created signature treatments that reflect the powerful natural plants, herbs and oils of the island. Our lovingly curated journeys serve as outer expressions of your inner journey, inducing a state of complete relaxation while creating optimum results with the best possible natural ingredients. Experience one of Healing Earth’s world-class wellbeing offerings, from Executive Destress and Beauty from the Inside Out to Detox & Revive, Mind & Body Reset, and more.


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