About Us

The brainchild of spa veteran Elisabeth Brandt, Healing Earth is a premium African spa brand that offers natural, organic products, therapies and spa concepts to discerning clients the world over. Each lovingly created Healing Earth product harnesses the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, and is made from only the purest natural active ingredients sourced from the continent’s powerful minerals, oceans, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils.

Developed by leading cosmetic scientists*, all Healing Earth ingredients are carefully selected and meticulously researched, ensuring a pure product that connects users to the healing powers of Mother Earth. All Healing Earth products are free from synthetic fragrances, colourants, petro chemicals, DEA, preservatives and parabens. Furthermore, we do not use any freeze-dry or excessive heating processes (which can hinder the efficacy of certain natural ingredients) in their manufacturing. Healing Earth products are not tested on animals.

We operate several flagship spas around the globe, and provide products, treatments and training to a multitude of other five-star treatment centres. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the premium spa sector, we create unique spa and hospitality concepts for our valued and likeminded partners. The consulting side of our business delivers concept development, interior design, operating procedures and day-to-day advice.

Over and above using only people-, animal- and earth-friendly methods and ingredients, we honour our commitment to uplifting Africa and all her beings through the Healing Earth Foundation, which aims to nurture and develop conscious, healthy earth children of all ages through outreach projects and opportunities that allow members of Africa’s impoverished communities to connect holistically with the self, the environment, and all beings.
*Toxicology reports, quality control and product information dossiers for the international and South African markets compiled by John Knowlton C.Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci. (GB) and John Hopkins BSc, PhD, M I Biol, C Biol.