Kalahari Melon
Kalahari Melon Bath & Body Oil 100mlKalahari Melon Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Kalahari Melon Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Kalahari melon is an excellent source of omega 6, holding 50% of oil content in the seeds. a lightweight, easily absorbed body and bath oil. Jasmine, mandarin and geranium create...
Kalahari Melon Body Balm 100mlKalahari Melon Body Balm 100ml

Kalahari Melon Body Balm 100ml

The ultimate hydration balm rich in antioxidants and moisture-rich essences. The tropical essences of mandarin and jasmine brighten, hydrate and repair. Kalahari melon and jojoba provide a rich source of...
Kalahari Melon Body Polish 200mlKalahari Melon Body Polish 200ml

Kalahari Melon Body Polish 200ml

A tropical scented cream-based body polish, enriched with essential fatty acids and skin-smoothing organic granules of apricot kernels and pinotage grape seeds. This skin brightening polish evens out the skin...

Kalahari Melon

Kalahari Melon oil is known as the original cosmetic ingredient for skin hydration and protection, used for centuries by the San community. The melons are planted according to demands and therefore have a more elastic supply, making this a more sustainable source than other oils extracted from mature trees. Kalahari Melon is rich in nourishing omega 6 & 9 fatty acids and anti-oxidants, keeping the skin glowing, youthful and strong. The additional effects of vitamin A, C & E as well as being super rich in linoleic acid provides the skin with deep hydration and a tightening effect on the skin.


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