Product Families

Kalahari Melon Body Care
A San Celebration

From the sands of the Kalahari comes a melon so full of moisture it can survive even the harshest of desert climates. Kalahari melons are hydrating enough to be a crucial source of water in the desert. It is said that the Khoisan can survive for six weeks on the fruit alone! The rich oil of Kalahari melon seeds has been used traditionally in Southern Africa as a powerful moisturiser to protect the skin from the harsh African sun, as well as to promote hair growth and as a nourishing ingredient in soap. The seeds have also been ground and used as a face and body scrub for a blemish-free complexion for centuries. Kalahari melon oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and the seeds are considered a delicacy and eaten whole as a protein- and vitamin-rich snack by the Khoisan. Thanks to the rich natural gifts of the Kalahari and the timeless wisdom of the San, you can now reap the myriad benefits of the Kalahari melon, allowing its powerful oil and seeds to not only deeply hydrate your skin, but also contribute to the integrity of its cell wall, suppleness and beauty.


African Potato​
Miracle Heal & Repair

We were the first to launch what has now come to be known as the iconic African Potato Balm. Awarded Best Local Product in the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté 2018, our multipurpose African Potato Body and Face Balm is in a league of its own. It can be used on the whole family to assist in any kind of damaged or sensitized skin, from wound healing to eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips, skin allergies and more. It is the ultimate SOS balm for healing and reparation, and an anti-ageing superstar!


Marula & Neroli Body Care
An African Love Affair

One of Africa's greatest botanical treasures, the marula tree boasts a history of thousands of years of use in traditional African cultures. Legends abound about the marula tree, bark, leaves, fruit, nut and kernels. The Tonga people call marula the "food of kings", and pour offerings of fresh marula juice over the tombs of their dead chiefs. The northern Sotho people believe that the marula tree was given to the people by the spirits and is, therefore, sacred. It has to be dealt with in the way of the ancestors. Often the marula tree will be the only one left standing in a field once the rest of the field has been ploughed. The marula tree is known to the Zulu as the 'marriage tree' - a symbol of fertility that is used in a cleansing ritual before a marriage ceremony. We revere the marula fruit for its miraculous oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and reduce redness while nourishing, healing, smoothing, moisturising and improving skin elasticity.


Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Care​
Maasai Spice Celebration

Ever since its discovery on the plateaus of Ethiopia, the coffee bean has been lauded as sacred throughout Africa. A long-held Ethiopian tradition is the coffee ceremony, which is performed to honour guests in the home. A common Ethiopian saying is "Buna dabs naw", or "Coffee is our bread”. Ethiopian women will often spend two to three hours making coffee, from roasting the beans to serving it to family and guests. In Senegal, legend has it that coffee is a gift from a revered mystic. In Senegalese culture, it is regarded as a healing beverage that aids stomach relief, acts as a natural anti-depressant and fights asthma and respiratory problems. Today, coffee is revered not only as an indulgent beverage, but also as an integral beauty ingredient. Harness the power of antioxidant-rich coffee combined with the rich spice of cinnamon and the uplifting essence of orange to protect, de-puff, scrub, smooth, tighten, calm and brighten your skin.


Mongongo Nut Body Care​
Desert Detoxification

Found throughout subtropical southern Africa, the highly nutritional mongongo nut has been an integral part of the diet and lifestyle of the San bushmen of northern Botswana and Namibia for over 7 000 years. The oil from the nuts has been traditionally used as a body rub to clean and moisten the skin in the dry winter months. This unique African oil has its high content of linoleic acid to thank for its myriad benefits. The derivatives of linoleic acid are synthesized by the body to form part of the composition of skin cell membranes. Follow the wisdom of the San and treat your skin to the deeply hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties of magical mongongo.


Pinotage Face & Body Care​
South African Wine Wellness

An incredible series of coincidences lies at the heart of the uniquely South African Pinotage grape. A viticultural crossbreed, Pinotage was first planted only to be forgotten and re-discoverd years later. This surprise serendipity has benefited the South African natural beauty industry ever since. The seeds, skins and stems of the Pinotage grape have a myriad cosmetic benefits for the skin. The polyphenols in the grape act as a shield on the skin, guarding against free radicals and the elements.


High Performance
Tri-enzyme Peptide Care

The result of over two years of concentrated research into the delivery of active ingredients to deeper levels of the epidermis, Healing Earth’s unique and patented High Performance formula gently dissolves the intercellular communication between epidermal layers, allowing for deeper penetration of the product and the reconditioning of the skin without compromising its barrier function. The powerful range includes a firming and rejuvenating Tri-Enzyme Peptide Polish, a preparing and conditioning Tri-Enzyme Peptide Toner, a Tri-Enzyme Peptide Mask for the reduction of skin imperfections, and a silky, gel-like Tri-Enzyme Peptide Serum to further reduce the visible signs of ageing. Because the Healing Earth philosophy has always been that one should never deplete the skin (by way of powerful active ingredients) without replenishing and repairing it back to its natural health, the product line-up also includes two powerful post-active-ingredient replenishing products (to be applied after the High Performance range): a soothing and protecting aloe vera Active Replenish Gel for daytime use, and a deeply replenishing African Potato Balm for nighttime application.


Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil​
A Healing Earth Classic

Our lifestyle range is based on two well-researched and effective ingredients: lemon verbena and argan oil. The inspirational blend of African plants and oils creates the perfect synergy to treat both the skin and hair. Our unique, green, Afro-inspired lifestyle and in-room hotel amenities are one of a kind. They are all manufactured in eco-friendly, biodegradable containers with 100% natural ingredients. Lemon verbena and argan oil are used to create an uplifting aromatic scent that revitalises the senses and nourishes and hydrates the skin and hair while providing anti-oxidant protection.


Healing Ocean
Seaside Pampering

In addition to our cornerstone Healing Earth amenities range, we also offer the exciting marine-inspired Healing Ocean range. This collection not only reflects the tranquility of the seaside through its fresh and striking white glass packaging, but also extends our environmentally-responsible ethos from the conservation of the earth to the preservation of the ocean. The premium products are the perfect addition to five-star seaside or beach-inspired properties.


Healing Journeys​
Premium Amenities

Made from a careful selection of expertly formulated pure aromatherapy oils, our Healing Journeys collection aims to transport discerning guests on a sensory journey to relaxation and wellbeing. Natural bases the likes of argan, jojoba and grapesed oil play host to nourishing and invigorating aromatherapy oils including basil, jasmine, clary sage and more. No stone is left unturned in the premium in-room experience. Gently cleansing shampoo, naturally hydrating conditioner, uplifting hand and body wash and fragrant hand and body lotion cover all bases. Sunscreen and after sun gel are must-haves for sun-seeking travellers. Luxurious foam bath, bath salts, room mist spray and pillow and linen mist spray create the perfect ambience, while an innovative instant glow formulation revives and uplifts weary guests