Training Education

The Healing Earth training and education journey focuses on the heart and soul of the brand, which inspires guests to return to our spas regularly to receive the gift of our therapists’ healing touch. Through innovative spa journeys, each therapist is given the opportunity to share the greatest of nature’s gifts from Africa to produce exceptional guest experiences. 

Warm African hospitality and healing energy connect all spa journeys and products with the therapists and their loyal guests. A range of signature healing journeys performed by highly skilled therapists using bespoke massage and facial therapies combines with the highest quality natural essences to ensure enhanced skin performance and provide visible results from a guest’s very first experience. In order for every guest to have a truly transformational experience, our international trainers work with your spa team to develop and hone skills such as creating memorable guest connections, five-star treatment setup and standard protocols, energy healing and advanced massage techniques. 

Our training journey includes your entire team – from receptionists to spa hosts and therapists – providing each member with the ability to develop rapport with guests, and allowing the spa journey to begin with their first step into your spa and leaving them with fond and lasting memories.