Relax & De-Stress Bath & Body Oil

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Condition & Hydrate Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Condition & Hydrate Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Detox & Uplift Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Detox & Uplift Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Take a moment for yourself with this relaxing oil after a long day. Massage into the skin for a deeply nourishing body oil or use in the bath as a night time relaxation journey. This oil transports you to a moment of peace and tranquility, working through every sense in the body.

Use as a body oil massaging in upward strokes all over the body. Pour 30 ml of oil into a bath for a relaxing bath journey.

Pinotage Grape Seed

A potent anti oxidant containing high levels of OPC. Contains vitamin A & C found in the pinotage grape. The natural functions of the skin are enhanced by using vitamin enriched bio identical ingredients.


A deeply relaxing scent promoting a deep sense of relaxation, relieving insomnia and assisting to uplift the feelings related to depression.


A plant native to South Africa, use of this oil has a calming effect and is able to reduce levels of anxiety.


Lavender eases dryness and is an anti inflammatory superstar, easing muscular and nervous tension.


A natural skin calming oil to relieve stress caused by environmental conditions.

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