Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Bath & Body Oil 100mlCoffee, Cinnamon & Orange Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Bath & Body Oil 100ml

An expert blend of bold extracts packed with energising and contouring benefits. This oil promotes renewal and detoxification and is very stimulating. The use of this range in conjunction with...
Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish 200mlCoffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish 200ml

Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish 200ml

A stimulating body polish with a blend of coffee, cinnamon and orange with astringent, stimulating and purifying properties. The skin will appear brighter and smoother from the moisturising effects of...
Condition & Hydrate Bath & Body Oil 100mlCondition & Hydrate Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Condition & Hydrate Bath & Body Oil 100ml

A wonder oil for deep hydration and nourishment. This uplifting oil assists with vital skin renewal and regeneration leaving the skin smooth and supple. Suitable for sensitive skins and great...

Cooling Foot & Nail Oil 30ml

Add the refreshing essence of menthol, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to your footprint rituals to cool, relieve and condition tired feet.  The Pinotage Cooling Foot Therapy Range consists of 4...

Cooling Foot Gel 100ml

Add the refreshing essence of menthol, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to your footprint rituals to cool, relieve and condition tired feet. Use as needed to relieve tired feet....
Cooling Foot Polish 200mlCooling Foot Polish 200ml

Cooling Foot Polish 200ml

Add the refreshing essence of menthol, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to your footprint rituals to cool, relieve and condition tired feet. Apply to the feet in gentle, upward...

Cooling Foot Spray 100ml

Add the refreshing essence of menthol, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to your footprint rituals to cool, relieve and condition tired feet. The Pinotage Cooling Foot Therapy Range consists of 4...
De-Stress Eye Gel 15mlDe-Stress Eye Gel 15ml

De-Stress Eye Gel 15ml

A smooth textured gel enriched with decongesting and invigorating active ingredients to smooth fine lines and diminish puffiness. The improved blood circulation around the eye leaves it energised and stimulates...
HP Tri-Enzyme Peptide Serum 30mlHP Tri-Enzyme Peptide Serum 30ml

HP Tri-Enzyme Peptide Serum 30ml

A milk based vitamin serum packed with the individually picked essences necessary to fight the effects of ageing and to prolong the ageing process. A powerful blend of vitamin C...
Hyaluronic Serum 30mlHyaluronic Serum 30ml

Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue and...
Jasmin & Boabab Serum 30mlJasmin & Boabab Serum 30ml

Jasmin & Boabab Serum 30ml

A skin brightening and stimulating blend of carrot, baobab and pinotage oil base provides vital replenishment for tired, dull skin. The essential oil blend deeply nourishes the skin, promoting new...
Kalahari Melon Body Balm 100mlKalahari Melon Body Balm 100ml

Kalahari Melon Body Balm 100ml

The ultimate hydration balm rich in antioxidants and moisture-rich essences. The tropical essences of mandarin and jasmine brighten, hydrate and repair. Kalahari melon and jojoba provide a rich source of...
Kalahari Melon Body Polish 200mlKalahari Melon Body Polish 200ml

Kalahari Melon Body Polish 200ml

A tropical scented cream-based body polish, enriched with essential fatty acids and skin-smoothing organic granules of apricot kernels and pinotage grape seeds. This skin brightening polish evens out the skin...
Marula & Neroli Bath & Body Oil 100mlMarula & Neroli Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Marula & Neroli Bath & Body Oil 100ml

Powerful marula oil contains four times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, making it a great antioxidant and skin brightener. A blend of neroli, orange and lavender induce relaxation...
Marula & Neroli Bath Salts 200mlMarula & Neroli Bath Salts 200ml

Marula & Neroli Bath Salts 200ml

Our lovely, fragrant and soothing Marula & Neroli bath salts will transform your evening ritual into a blissful bath time experience.  Possessing both physical and mental health benefits, these salts...
Marula & Neroli Body Balm 100mlMarula & Neroli Body Balm 100ml

Marula & Neroli Body Balm 100ml

An ultra-hydrating blend of mafura and shea butter nourishes, hydrates and protects the lipidic barrier from water loss. The relaxing scent of lavender and neroli are great for inducing sleep...
Marula & Neroli Body Polish 200mlMarula & Neroli Body Polish 200ml

Marula & Neroli Body Polish 200ml

A relaxing gentle exfoliator with ground walnut shell powder and relaxing essences of neroli and lavender to induce a sense of relaxation with each use. The skin is left feeling...
Marula & Rose Serum 30mlMarula & Rose Serum 30ml

Marula & Rose Serum 30ml

A hydrating essential oil based serum, provides a moisture boost for dehydrated skin, deeply nourishing the skin with essential fatty acids leaving the skin tone even and fine lines less...
Microfoliant Enzyme Clay Mask 100mlMicrofoliant Enzyme Clay Mask 100ml

Microfoliant Enzyme Clay Mask 100ml

A powerful dual action exfoliation and mask treatment to brighten and revitalise the skin.  Enriched with a mixture of clays and enzymes to leave the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated....
Mongongo Nut Body Balm 100mlMongongo Nut Body Balm 100ml

Mongongo Nut Body Balm 100ml

This circulation-boosting balm can be used after the body oil for a more intensive skin repairing action. The balm nourishes and protects the skin with shea butter. Hoodia and african...
Mongongo Nut Body Polish 200mlMongongo Nut Body Polish 200ml

Mongongo Nut Body Polish 200ml

A cream-based gentle exfoliator consisting of walnut shell powder and grape seed granules to gently exfoliate the skin while the stimulating essences of fennel, black pepper and echinacea purify and...

Muscle Ease Gel 100ml

This innovative gel contains peppermint, marjoram and eucalyptus to stimulate blood circulation and relax tired muscles. Benefits and Functions: - Stimulate blood circulation - Soothes, refreshes and warms tired and...
Neroli & Rose Serum 30mlNeroli & Rose Serum 30ml

Neroli & Rose Serum 30ml

An essential serum for oily, combination skin types, the lightweight blend of Kalahari Melon, Pinotage and Baobab oil nourishes and balances the skin, regulating sebum production. Essential Oils work deeply...
Pinotage All Day SPF 15Pinotage All Day SPF 15

Pinotage All Day SPF 15

A light-weight day cream suited for environmentally damaged skin. This product contains just the right amount of moisture and protection throughout the day. This vitamin-rich moisturiser will provide a natural...
Pinotage Antioxidant Cleansing CreamPinotage Antioxidant Cleansing Cream

Pinotage Antioxidant Cleansing Cream

A gel based cleanser which provides the foaming effect loved by oily combination skins. This cleanser calms sensitivity, preventing over stimulation of fragile skin. It also assists in deep cleansing...
Pinotage Bath & Shower GelPinotage Bath & Shower Gel

Pinotage Bath & Shower Gel

An invigorating bath and shower gel focused on invigorating the senses. This innovative gel contains peppermint, marjoram and eucalyptus to stimulate blood circulation and relax tired muscles. This body cleanser...
Pinotage Body PolishPinotage Body Polish

Pinotage Body Polish

A gentle cream-based exfoliator with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus. Deep nourishment from shea butter, beeswax and pinotage oil combine with light grapeseed and apricot kernel granules to stimulate and...
Pinotage Body VelvetPinotage Body Velvet

Pinotage Body Velvet

A velvety smooth, silky textured daily body moisturiser with the hydrating properties of baobab and jojoba combined with the soothing properties of aloe and chamomile. The skin will be left...
Pinotage Cleansing GelPinotage Cleansing Gel

Pinotage Cleansing Gel

A gel cleanser with a mild foaming action suited to sensitive, oily to combination skin types. The cleanser works deep within the pores to draw out impurities and cleanse the...
Pinotage Facial Polish 200mlPinotage Facial Polish 200ml

Pinotage Facial Polish 200ml

The ultimate hydrating and brightening exfoliator. A granule exfoliation suitable for use on male and female skin with organic eco conscious granules. Packed with antioxidants, this exfoliator will even out skin...
Pinotage Facial TonerPinotage Facial Toner

Pinotage Facial Toner

A gentle anti oxidant toner which gently refreshes the skin and prepares the skin for better product absorption. This toner nourishes and hydrates the skin, removes excess oil and calms...
Pinotage Hydrating Repair MaskPinotage Hydrating Repair Mask

Pinotage Hydrating Repair Mask

A multi purpose mask, rich in absorbent clay, combined with a calming essential oil blend deep cleanses the pores whilst nourishing the skin for a mattified smooth complexion. The skin...
Pinotage Regenerative Night CreamPinotage Regenerative Night Cream

Pinotage Regenerative Night Cream

A vitamin-rich lightweight night cream which soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. This night cream works while the skin is at rest, improving the skins healing function and comforting sensitized...
Pro-Glow Cleansing Balm KitPro-Glow Cleansing Balm Kit

Pro-Glow Cleansing Balm Kit

A gentle, nourishing cleansing balm ideal for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. This powerful balm dissolves make-up and daily impurities. Nourishing Shea butter and Neroli rejuvenates the skin, promoting radiance...
Radiance Rosehip Facial Serum 30mlRadiance Rosehip Facial Serum 30ml

Radiance Rosehip Facial Serum 30ml

Rosehip oil is a powerful source of antioxidants and keeps the skin supple. It contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which has been proven to counteract acne. Vitamin A...
Relax & De-Stress Bath & Body OilRelax & De-Stress Bath & Body Oil

Relax & De-Stress Bath & Body Oil

Take a moment for yourself with this relaxing oil after a long day. Massage into the skin for a deeply nourishing body oil or use in the bath as a...
Total Eye ComplexTotal Eye Complex

Total Eye Complex

A smooth textured eye cream enriched with keratin which is easily identified by the skin to repair and regenerate the sensitive skin found around the eyes. This is a lightweight...

Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Treatment Cream: Brighten and Radiance

The powerful combination of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic brightens, deeply hydrates, and promote strong skin barrier support.  A Potent treatment cream suitable for all skin types, functions as a highly...


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