Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Oil


An expert blend of bold extracts packed with energising and contouring benefits. This oil promotes renewal and detoxification and is very stimulating. The use of this range in conjunction with good diet and exercise enhances the weight loss program.

Coffee Extract

A vasco dilator which affects blood vessels below the skin, improving circulation which may help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Coffee is also a rich source of Vitamin B3, reducing inflammation.


Rich in anti oxidants and anti ageing benefits like evening the skin tone and fighting free radicals.

Orange and Cinnamon

A skin brightening and uplifting extract which stimulates the skin by increasing vitamin c levels, regenerating new skin cell formation and evening out the skin complexion.

Green Tea

Natures ultimate anti oxidant, promotes cellular renewal and skin repair.

Wheat Germ Oil

A powerful anti oxidant containing vitamin E to fight against free radical damage.

Use as a body oil massaging in upward strokes all over the body. Pour 30 ml of oil into a bath for a detoxing bath journey