Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Bath & Body Oil


An expert blend of bold extracts packed with energising and contouring benefits, this oil promotes renewal and detoxification and is very stimulating. 

Coffee extract may help to improve skin texture and tone and is rich in vitamin B3. Grapefruit is filled with antioxidants and may assist in evening skin tone, while orange and cinnamon are brightening and uplifting, and offer a great way to increase vitamin C and regenerate the skin. Add to this green tea - nature’s ultimate antioxidant - and vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil, and you’ve got a powerful, skin-loving combination.

Use as a body oil, massaging in upward strokes all over the body to stimulate lymph drainage and move toxins. Alternatively, pour 30 ml into a bath and allow its pure aromatherapy of orange, clove, and cinnamon, to be absorbed into your body through blood circulation.