Cooling Foot Polish 200ml

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Add the refreshing essence of menthol, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to your footprint rituals to cool, relieve and condition tired feet.

Apply to the feet in gentle, upward circular movements. Emulsify with water if required. Can be used in combination with any Healing Earth Body Butter or Foot Oil.

Tea Tree

Anti inflammatory, anti septic and anti oxidant properties which help kill bacteria, fungus, and eases inflammation. 


A stimulating oil which is anti inflammatory and analgesic, assisting in relaxing muscles and stimulating the body. The oil assists in building immunity and has a clearing scent which assists breathing and sinus cleansing ~ use in a steaming shower for this effect.


A skin brightening and uplifting extract which stimulates the skin by increasing vitamin c levels, regenerating new skin cell formation
and evening out the skin complexion.

Pinotage Grape Seed

A potent anti oxidant containing high levels of OPC. Contains vitamin A & C found in the Pinotage grape. The natural functions of the skin are enhanced by using vitamin enriched bio identical ingredients.

Aloe Vera

A notorious skin healer and soother, reducing skin irritation and inflammation. The gel nourishes and hydrates the skin and has a light weight texture which is easily absorbed into the skin. 

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