Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

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Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue and eyes. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. While hyaluronic acid boasts a wide range of uses, it’s best known for the promotion of healthier, more supple skin.

Roughly half of the hyaluronic acid in your body is present in your skin, where it binds to water to help retain moisture. However, the natural ageing process and exposure to things like ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tobacco smoke and pollution can decrease its amounts in the skin.

Applying high-quality, pure hyaluronic acid to the skin can help prevent this decline by giving your body extra amounts to incorporate into the skin.

Hydrated skin also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, which may explain why several studies show that it can make skin appear smoother.

When applied to the surface of the skin, hyaluronic acid serums can reduce wrinkles, redness and dermatitis. Some dermatologists even inject hyaluronic acid fillers to keep skin looking firm and youthful.

Hyaluronic acid also plays a key role in wound healing. It’s naturally present in the skin, but its concentrations increase when there is damage in need of repair.

Hyaluronic acid helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signaling the body to build more blood vessels in the damaged area. Applying it to skin wounds has been shown to reduce the size of wounds and decrease pain faster than a placebo or no treatment at all.

Hyaluronic acid also has antibacterial properties, so it can help reduce the risk of infection when applied directly to open wounds.

Healing Earth’s industry-leading Hyaluronic Serum contains 100% pure hyaluronic acid of the highest quality and efficacy. Simply apply as a serum to the facial area once daily to see and feel the results for yourself!

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