Lemon Verbena & Aloe Nourishing Hand Sanitiser

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The Healing Earth laboratory has formulated a limited-edition 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.  Leading medical professionals and numerous studies assert that hand sanitisers should have an alcohol content of 60% to 95% to increase effectiveness in the fight against viruses. The release of a high-alcohol product is an unprecedented development for Healing Earth, as we strongly believe in using all-natural, organic ingredients to create products that are effective, yet gentle on you, animals, and the earth. However, we recognise that a firm hand is needed in the protection of our clients’ health and wellbeing. It is also recommended that hand sanitisers contain a moisturising component to ensure that the high-alcohol formula does not dry out the skin. Accordingly, our sanitiser is enriched with hydrating and nourishing aloe vera, for a product that heals and protects without harming. 

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