Pinotage Cleansing Gel

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A gel cleanser with a mild foaming action suited to sensitive, oily to combination skin types. The cleanser works deep within the pores to draw out impurities and cleanse the skin whilst maintaining the skin’s natural moisturising factor and healing sensitivities.

This is not a harsh stripping cleanser and therefore it may take some adjusting to the feeling of having a moisturized skin after cleansing as many cleansers are stripping the Ph balance of the skin. 

To be used daily as a facial cleanser, can be used as a double cleanse for stubborn make up, and oil.


Pinotage Grape Seed

A potent anti oxidant containing high levels of OPC. Contains vitamin A & C found in the pinotage grape. The natural functions of the skin are enhanced by using vitamin enriched bio identical ingredients.


Contains vitamin E and B Complex which assist in skin repair and promote a healthy skin complexion.

Cape Chamomile

A natural skin calming oil to relieve stress caused by environmental conditions.


A skin healing and calming oil which helps with calming inflammation, reducing the signs of ageing and assisting in clearing skin acne by removing skin debris and harmful bacteria.

Sweet Orange

A well known natural skin brightening essence which assists in evening out the skin tone and brightening the skin with vitamin C

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