Pinotage Facial Polish

R599.00 R419.30

The ultimate hydrating and brightening exfoliator. A granule exfoliation suitable for use on male and female skin with organic eco conscious granules.
Packed with antioxidants, this exfoliator will even out skin texture to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion.

 Pinotage Grape Seed

A potent anti oxidant containing high levels of OPC. Contains vitamin A & C found in the pinotage grape. The natural functions of the skin are enhanced by using vitamin enriched bio identical ingredients.

Marula Oil

A hydrating bio identical oil which is easily absorbed into the skin nourishing the skin and revitalising the complexion.

Neroli, Lemongrass and Orange

These brightening and uplifting oils energise the skin by increasing vitamin c levels, regenerating new skin cell formation and evening out the skin complexion.

African Cocoa

A rich anti oxidant which nourishes and stimulates the skin whilst providing a light exfoliant effect.

Cape Chamomile

A natural skin calming oil to relieve stress caused by environmental conditions.

To be used twice weekly on the skin, neck and décolleté with light pressure upward circles, focussing on areas of uneven tone or texture.