Pinotage Hydrating Repair Mask

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A multi purpose mask, rich in absorbent clay, combined with a calming essential oil blend deep cleanses the pores whilst nourishing the skin for a mattified smooth complexion. The skin appears instantly clearer without excess shine. This versatile pore refining wander should be an addition to every bathroom cabinet.

Kaolin and Bentonite clay

Effective natural clays which assist in absorbing toxins and excess oil from the skin without removing vital moisture. Kaolin clay is more gentle and is suitable for sensitive skin, the blend of the two clays makes the mask safe to use on all skins – normal to oily.

Jasmine Essential oil

Jasmine oil an effective mood balancer, relieving the feelings of stress from the uplifting scent. On the skin, jasmine is a powerful healing oil, reducing inflammation and healing scar tissue.

Chamomile and Lavender

These naturally calming essential oils, assist in alleviating irritation on the skin, helpful in inflammatory skin disorders such as active acne, eczema and chronic dryness. 


The nutrients in rosemary assist in protecting the skin cells from free radical damage. It also assists in balancing the oil production of the skin improving the skin tone and reducing blemishes.

Apply with a facial brush for an even coverage and to prevent overuse of the product. Use twice weekly after an exfoliation.

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