Brahman Hills Interview

Brahman Hills is an absolutely exquisite part of South Africa, located in the Magical Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Between these rolling hills of the Midlands, one can find Healing Earth Transformative Wellness. We sit down with Reynelle Ramnarrin, the Spa Manager at this beautifully located Spa to hear more about the history of the destination and gain some insight into the spa.



A question I’m sure you receive a lot, but could you tell us more about the history of this beautiful piece of land that the Spa resides on?

Healing Earth Transformative Wellness is situated in the majestic Blue Crane Nature Reserve of Brahman Hills. Brahman Hills is a breath-taking property set in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal, a mere 3 hours from Durban. The property is over 1000 hectares in size and is home to a multitude of fauna, flora, and wildlife. The flora life has been artistically expanded to include what we call KZN’s most exceptional gardens, in 2020, which was the catapult to the transformation we get to celebrate today. Throughout the property you will find these gardens that are home to many trees, including fruit trees of figs, peaches and pomegranates, scrubs, grapes, vegetables, and many herbs that are transformed to be used in the kitchens. Brahman Hills is known to be a very popular destination for holistic experiences, weddings, conferences, and romantic breakaways. With views of the rolling hills, cattle and wildlife grazing, Brahman Hills offers all the scenic promise you expect from visiting the midlands and more.


From a personal perspective, are there any differences between creating offerings for international clientele compared to the offerings for the local clientele?

We are proud that our guests are majority local and from the surroundings to our location. We have built a strong reputation to be the best in the region and we work hand in hand with Brahman Hills to ensure we instil the best offerings for our local visitors. At Healing Earth, we are firm believers in creating bespoke and tailored experiences to our guests as needs are different from one guest to the other. That along with the promise of service excellence, the finest products, and great scenic views, we see ourselves as market leaders.




Could you tell us a bit more about your favorite aspects of Healing Earth Brahman Hills?

There is a lot to love about Healing Earth Transformative Wellness at Brahman Hills. The location allows you to completely give over to nature and its surrounds. 3 hours from Durban, it is the perfect hideaway to escape and recharge. We see many of our clients doing it for the day as they take a road trip out of town. One of our favorite aspects are the views from the treatment rooms, that you simply cannot match. Stunning floor to ceiling glass doors that open as you see wildlife casually pass by as they graze. This truly connects you to mother nature. Another uniqueness that our guests most enjoy is our side-by-side couples’ baths where it can be enjoyed and treasured together. They provide a picture-perfect moment. These stunning views flow from the treatment rooms, into the wellness areas where you can enjoy them while having a steam, relaxing in the sauna or splashing in our heated infinity pool. There is really a lot to enjoy and experience when visiting Healing Earth Transformative Wellness at Brahman Hills.


What do you believe are the most important aspects to a successful Spa experience?

We firmly believe it is about everything you experience. Delivering excellence starts the moment you commit to a promise to your guest. Creating a well-planned menu, beautifully presented, and inviting guests to book. Most importantly, it is not just about having a fantastic treatment, but also to enjoy a beautiful environment, phenomenal service, and ultimate guest care. Everything works together and synergizes to encompass a successful Spa Experience.


It has been a tumultuous time for the hospitality industry as of late, have you adapted the approach in creating the best of the best for guests?

We have been extremely fortunate that since our take over in August 2021, we have gone from strength to strength. Of course, within our industry, there have been many challenges faced, yet that did not make us lose our dedication to succeed. We remained fully committed to our service promise, adapting to our guests needs while being focused to continue meeting expectations. We see each guest as an individual and believe it is about curating experiences. We dedicate the time to enquire information and do personal one on one consultations to determine guests’ needs and adapt to deliver just that. It is extremely important to retain your guests and impeccable treatments and service does just that.




Could you tell us about your journey leading up to being at Healing Earth Brahman Hills?

We were delighted when the Brahman Hills team approached us to overhaul their spa, it was clear that their mission was to work in harmony with nature and industry leaders, which made us the perfect fit as a brand partner. They wanted to pivot their focus to their hospitality offering and let specialists in the holistic health, wellness and spa sector assume full responsibility for this revolutionised offering. We have a total of 8 beautiful treatment rooms, of which five are couple rooms and one is a holistic treatment room. Additionally, 2 rooms are fitted with side-by-side couple’s baths, which have proved to be extremely popular and highly requested as guests want to enjoy this scenic offering with their loved ones. This has been a big success for us and drives our half and full day packages where guests can escape for the day. Another unique promise is that all rooms are fitted with floor-to ceiling glass doors that completely open up to welcome the magnificent views of the Midlands.


What do you believe are the motivating factors for a successful staff?

We are very privileged to have dedicated and committed members in our team. We dedicate the time to teach and train each team member. We have seen significant and successful growth in the team individual improvement and growth through retail performance and guest satisfaction. We are so proud to see individuals thrive, grow, and reach new potential highs, not only through delivering results, but also through taking new avenues in their career. Our previous Spa Manager, Jamie Lee Wagner, has successfully taken over the position as international trainer and has excelled in her new role. We are proud to create growth opportunities within that allows a long-term dedication from our staff. This motivates and strives everyone to be successful and reaps rewards.


Could you share some insight into what the future holds for The Spa?

We are extremely excited for the future for this magnificent property, Healing Earth Transformative Wellness in partnership with Brahman Hills. We have seen significant growth and positive change that is making the future exciting. Healing Earth continuously looks for new innovative ideas to incorporate into our offerings, we strive to deliver excellence and we believe we have achieved that and more over the past year.