Healing Earth Expands to Uganda Through Mercia Exports: Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainable Wellbeing

Healing Earth, a leader in natural, sustainable, and holistic beauty and wellbeing, is proud to announce its expansion into Uganda, through a new distribution partnership with Mercia Exports. This collaboration marks another milestone in Healing Earth's mission to extend its unique wellbeing offerings across the African continent, enhancing the spa and in-room experience with high-quality, eco-conscious products.

Eco-Conscious and Effective: A Holistic Approach

Healing Earth’s product range addresses the growing demand for eco-conscious beauty solutions sourced from the depths of African soil. Our products, conceptualised with a holistic outlook, cater to the complete wellbeing journey, from the spa to in-room experiences, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for guests.

Partnering with Mercia Exports: A Synergy of Values

Mercia Exports, a leading, specialist supplier to the hospitality and leisure industry across Africa, shares Healing Earth’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Their extensive procurement network and ability to source high-quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide make them an ideal partner for Healing Earth.

With a procurement operation based in the UK, Mercia Exports offers a 'one-stop' service for the hospitality industry. They secure attractive rates for both air and sea freight consignments, providing assistance with customs clearance and related documentation issues. This comprehensive service ensures that high-quality Healing Earth products are readily available to prestigious hotel groups and bespoke outlets, particularly those linked to safari activities.

An Ideal Partner in a Shared Commitment to Excellence

Mercia Exports, has, over  many years, expanded their footprint in key East African markets, where they boast subsidiary outlets and showrooms under the name, Sunkist. Together, Healing Earth and Mercia Exports are ideally positioned to deliver exceptional value to the hospitality and leisure industries in Uganda.

Our shared vision of promoting natural, sustainable, and holistic beauty solutions will enhance the guest experience while protecting our precious planet.

For more information about Healing Earth and our products, visit Healing Earth’s website at www.healingearth.co.za

For inquiries about our new distribution in Uganda through Mercia Exports, please contact:

Lynette Webster

Operations Manager


+27 21 555 1896