Transformational Training Through Africa

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.” —Kofi Annan

Healing Earth, an award-winning holistic wellness brand, has successfully continued their exceptional holistic wellness and spa training programme throughout Africa, and has firmly established itself as a global leader in the field. Elisabeth Brandt, Founder and Director of Healing Earth states that “Education is at the heart of our brand, sharing the journey of empowerment, knowledge, and inspiration. Investing in human capital will always in the in forefront of the business”.

Healing Earth had the privilege of inspiring and guiding talented therapists from various locations in Africa, including East Africa and KwaZulu Natal. The training programme, led by expert trainers, offered therapists an extraordinary journey of empowerment, knowledge sharing, and appreciation for the beauty of the African continent. The training journey took us from the hills of the Drakensberg, to various the properties throughout Africa including AndBeyond, Elewana, Neptune, The Emerald Collection, JW Marriot, Serena and Sarova groups, just to mention a few.

The highlights of the training included setting up the spa menus and internationally inspired signature journeys to match and mix with Healing Earth’s products, where therapists are trained in advanced massage techniques, different types of massages and other holistic treatments. We do not only focus on basic treatments, but also aim to inspire and motivate therapists to become their personal best in both practical and product knowledge. Training concludes with a ceremony where the proud, dedicated, and motivated therapists received certificates and celebrated their learnings and accomplishments.

Therapists are also trained in product knowledge of Healing Earth's clean collection of spa products, crafted from pure organic botanicals, indigenous plant extracts and aromatherapy oils. We do not compromise on quality of our pure and premium products to leave a lasting impact on clients, with nurturing and conscious approach to self-love, compassion and care for the environment and planet we live on.

For more information on Healing Earth's transformative health, education, and healing concepts, please visit To inquire about their strategy and training programme, interested parties are encouraged to reach out for a comprehensive offer. Healing Earth's dedication to excellence extends to providing stockists with additional free marketing and branding material, as well as free training and education opportunities.

We are extremely grateful to have op to share our extensive knowledge and inspiration with the world. We are completely dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards by providing exceptional service in all areas.