Healing Earth Expands to Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, Introducing Holistic, Luxurious Wellness and Sustainability to Europe

Healing Earth is thrilled to announce the launch of its spa wellness concept and products in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. This marks a significant milestone for Healing Earth, and embodies the exceptional expertise, commitment, and passion of Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt. In collaboration with a new distribution enterprise, Healing Earth now brings transformative wellness experiences to the European market.

Elevating European Wellness Standards

From indulgent spa treatments to sustainable lifestyle products, Healing Earth’s offerings are designed to create memorable and emotionally enriching experiences. Healing Earth’s portfolio, now available through Healing Earth Poland, promises to elevate the standards of holistic and luxury wellness in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. This expansion reflects Healing Earth’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the wellness industry.

Bringing the Essence of Africa to Europe

“This new distribution partnership represents a significant step in Healing Earth’s global mission to promote holistic well-being and sustainability. By introducing Europe to our unique and transformative spa concepts, we bring the essence of Africa to a new audience, offering a truly distinctive and enriching wellness experience,” says Elisabeth Brandt. She adds that Healing Earth’s focus goes beyond products that are unequivocally luxurious; “Each of our products essentially resonates with our commitment to holistic well-being and sustainability. Our range is crafted using pure, sustainably sourced ingredients from the African continent, ensuring high-quality, natural products that respect both people and the environment. This extends to our packaging, which is either biodegradable or reusable, reinforcing our commitment to reducing environmental impact.” Says Elisabeth.

A Visionary Partnership

Elisabeth Brandt’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in Healing Earth’s success. Her dedication to creating holistic, sustainable wellness products is now set to inspire and benefit the European market. With this expansion, Healing Earth continues to grow its presence globally, spreading its message of sustainable beauty and holistic well-being.

“As a European, my mission has always been to share the beauty of Africa, a continent I deeply love, with my homeland. I am incredibly proud that our dream of expanding into a full-blown concept, with all the products and offerings of Healing Earth, has finally become a reality. With our openings in Greece and Mid Europe], we will continue to expand our footprint and influence the world, one step at a time,” states Elisabeth Brandt, Healing Earth founder and director.


For more information about Healing Earth and our products, visit Healing Earth’s website at www.healingearth.co.za

To enquire about our new distribution in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, please contact:

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