Important Developments at Healing Earth

Dear Valued Partners, Clients, Stockists, Distributors & Friends of Healing Earth
There’s no denying that it has been a challenging year for us all. Those of us in the spa, hospitality and leisure industries have been significantly impacted, with closures, uncertainties, and loss of business becoming the order of the day in many instances. That said, we are immensely grateful for our clients' invaluable support, and the business we have retained due to the tireless efforts of those with whom we work.  
At Healing Earth, our primary priority remains to offer the highest possible quality and service at a competitive price, while at the same time supporting local, natural and sustainable practices and ingredients wherever possible. 

After not increasing our pricing for a significant period of time, we have reached a juncture at which it has become imperative for us to re-evaluate the pricing relative to the cost of production of a selected number of our products. The cost of the pure aromatherapy oils, shea butters, natural bases and other organic, high-quality ingredients we source for use in our premium products continues to increase, with certain suppliers raising their pricing by up to 40% in recent times. We are currently at a point where we can unfortunately no longer provide the same quality and high percentage of active ingredients that you have come to know and love without reassessing the pricing on certain of our products and collections. 
We are in the process of meticulously examining the best way forward so that we can continue to give you the best possible quality at the most competitive price. 

As of 1 May, the pricing on a number of our products will be increasing slightly. These will include our body butters, African Potato Balm, High Performance range, and a few others we will be announcing shortly.
We will be sharing the updated rand price lists with our South African customers upon request, and our foreign clients and partners will be informed of the dollar changes in due course.  

We have also taken some time during this quieter period to assess all our clients, partners, distributors and stockists, and have noted that some continue to order only one type of product (e.g. African Potato Balm) or product family (e.g. Kalahari Melon body care collection). In order to keep the production of our high-quality products and product families viable and sustainable, we will be implementing a system in which stockists, clients or partners will need to order from at least two or three different product families going forward with immediate effect
Last but certainly not least, we will soon be announcing the launch of an incredibly exciting new range based on our award-winning African Potato formulation. Innovative and unique, these new products are the first of their kind!
We thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter, and look forward to moving ahead together from here.

For any further information or queries, feel free to reach out to Lynette at 
Your Healing Earth Team