Healing Earth Crowned Best Luxury Spa Cosmetics Manufacturer

It is with tremendous excitement that we announce that Healing Earth has been crowned as the Best Luxury Spa Cosmetics Manufacturer (South Africa) for LUX Life Magazine's 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards.


These awards seek to recognise and reward excellence within the global luxury hospitality industry by identifying the most progressive service providers, players and products in the market. This incredible honour means more to us than we could ever express, especially in a year of such turbulent changes and challenges.


Our passion for crafting high-quality, sustainable, earth-friendly products will always be at the heart of Healing Earth, and it is this mission that will forever to carry us to new heights and hopes.


We offer our deepest thanks to LUX, and we look forward to honouring this new title as we continue to curate unique experiences of luxury enriched with love and light.