Healing Earth Partners With CCFA To Protect Africa's Wildlife

July 17, 2019 As leaders in conscious hospitality and wellbeing, Healing Earth is proud to announce our support of CCFA – the Community Conservation Fund Africa NPC.


Founded by one of our prestigious partners – Mantis – CCFA recognises the urgent need for the tourism industry to play a greater role in conservation and community upliftment which will benefit Africa’s wild animals and wilderness at a time when both are under threat.


Without Africa’s wildlife, wilderness and community involvement there will be no tourism industry in Africa, so this initiative has been created both as an act of humanity and of pragmatism.


CCFA is a grant-giving organisation that is active in educating and empowering local communities to implement sustainable wildlife management systems on the ground. These solutions are funded by CCFA and its commercial partners.


Healing Earth has partnered with CCFA to donate a portion of proceeds from product sales to the organisation.


“It’s always been of utmost importance to us to partner with likeminded conscious partners to give back to the earth from which we draw our natural resources,” shares Healing Earth Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt. “We are excited about the positive change that this partnership will no doubt bring about, and encourage others to become involved to work towards the betterment of our wildlife, people and planet.”


For more information on CCFA and its initiatives, visit www.ccfa.africa.