Slow Beauty, Slow Food, Slow Living The Power Of Sustainability

Sustainability has always been the heart and foundation of the Healing Earth brand as we continue to advocate towards an environmentally conscious way of living and reducing our overall carbon footprint.


Our philosophy is built on the promise to our clients and partners to produce clean, earth-friendly products that are manufactured with only natural, active ingredients - sharing the love of our earth and its resources. This journey continues as we introduce new ways to uphold that promise…


Healing Earth’s founder, Elisabeth Brandt has since developed innovations into the success of glass packaging, biodegradability materials, as well as the reusing and recycling of Healing Earth’s products.

“I strongly believe that the true success of Healing Earth lies not only in the brand’s honesty and transparency but also in its alignment of strong values that is led by integrity. We liaise with likeminded warriors and hospitality leaders of earth preservation to develop these conscious concepts and since then, our brand has shown incredible growth!” says Elisabeth

The consumer preferences of glass packaging were carefully considered; from providing the visual aesthetic, to the better-preserved formulas and finally the sustainable packaging. In fact, the glass itself makes quite a statement…


  • For one, the look of the glass reflects light beautifully.
  • The touch of its cold material appeals to a pureness of nature.
  • The heaviness drives a feeling of premium quality.

But wait, there’s more…

That’s right. You’ve asked – and we’ve answered!

Not only are we offering you beautifully glass packaged products, but we are also introducing bigger bottles!

We are so excited to announce that you can now shop our latest 500ml sized bottles in your favourite Healing Earth product range for your convenience.

Make ‘me’ time with our products last a little longer by upsizing when making your next purchase. 


We want to give you more so you can enjoy more!

AND take care of our planet in the process!