Welcome To The Tribe, Mantis!

In a partnership that is set to elevate the wellness in hospitality industry to new heights, Healing Earth has joined forces with the internationally-acclaimed Mantis – a worldwide collection of Hotels & Eco Escapes.


Born of Africa, Mantis has unearthed a collection of distinguished hotels and eco-escapes spanning all seven continents of the world. Each destination takes the curious explorer off the beaten path, whether it be to a sweeping African plain, bustling city or pristine tropical island. Each experience with Mantis is a celebration of all that is rare – each place is an exceptional place to find yourself.


Mantis properties throughout Africa are now delighting guests with our spa-quality luxury lifestyle amenities, including both our iconic Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil collection as well as our innovative marine-inspired Healing Ocean range.


The partnership is perfect as the Healing Earth and Mantis values and ethos are so closely aligned. Rooted in conservation, Mantis pursues sustainable business practices and develops tourism products that are respectful of the environment and communities in which they operate. Mantis hotels procure their amenities only from suppliers that practice the utmost care for people and the planet, making us a perfect fit for the brand and offering.


Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt is particularly excited to share the Healing Earth brand values with such a strong supporter of conservation and community development. An authority in sustainable business practices, she joins the Mantis team in encouraging others in the industry to join forces to take every step they can to uplift people and planet wherever possible.


We look forward to continue working together with the prestigious group to delight guests and conserve our precious planet for years to come.