Healing Journeys Foundation Launch Exceeds Expectations, Inspiring a Movement of Growth and Empowerment

As Nelson Mandela said, 'If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.'

The much-anticipated inaugural launch of the Healing Journeys Foundation proved to be a resounding success, with an overwhelming response from a diverse and enthusiastic community.

Attendees gathered at renowned wine estate, Constantia Glen, where an elegant and delicious lunch was served in magnificent natural surroundings, with breath-taking panoramic mountain and vineyard views. Delicately fragranced with the hallmark essential oils and natural scents of Elisabeth Brandt’s Healing Earth range of skincare and wellness, the venue literally hummed with excitement and anticipation as Elisabeth herself rose to share her vision for what is to be a transformative and powerful adventure.  

"The seeds of an idea started twitching to life some time ago, and today you are witnessing the first buds of growth. I hope and believe you’ll come along with me to see Healing Journeys Foundation bloom," said Elisabeth. She went on to share that the foundation's mission is centred around turning personal hardship into a trigger for personal growth, and then harnessing that power to spark change in others. "Healing Journey Foundation begins with each of us. It’s about doing it together.

With a focus on vulnerability, accountability, and dignity, Elisabeth shared personal experiences and emphasised the importance of sharing such stories to inspire and motivate others. Her vision is that the bonds holding this foundation together will be those of a strong sisterhood in which individuals support each other without judgment, jealousy, or regrets, fostering an environment of pure love and compassion.

Elisabeth emphasised though, that Healing Journeys Foundation is not just about individual stories; it's about a collective effort to create positive change. She said the foundation is poised to become nourishment for the souls of all involved, creating a community that celebrates personal strength and meaningful change.

Healing Journeys Foundation intends to bring together like-minded individuals who have the capacity, willingness, and potential to make a difference in the lives of others. The initiative encourages participants to embark on a path of powerful personal growth, healing and transformation, while contributing to a brighter future for those in need, and ultimately to leave a meaningful legacy.

The Healing Journey Foundation’s “giving back” focus comprises three pillars:

Pillar 1: Offering mentorship, coaching, and apprenticeships.

Pillar 2: Providing emotional support and a safe space for young individuals to explore and prepare for their dreams.

Pillar 3: Offering support, validation, and guidance through tailored programs such as business courses, computer skills, networking, and more.

Before Christmas 2023, the Healing Journeys admin team will communicate the next steps of this initiative in order to continue growing this important and meaningful vision and legacy together.

For further enquires on how to collaborate with the Healing Journey Foundation, please contact Elisabeth Brandt at ebrandt@healingearth.co.za and for media enquiries, please contact Healing Earth at digital@healingearth.co.za.