Coffee, Cinnamon + Orange = Perfect Winter Pampering



While it’s widely regarded as many people’s beverage of choice, we count coffee as one of our go-to beauty ingredients for its ability to improve skin texture and tone! Likewise, we love using cinnamon and orange in a bold combination with the humble coffee bean to define, sculpt and contour.



Allow us to take you on a renewal and detoxification journey…

STEP 1: Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body and Bath Oil


Massage this in upward motions all over your body to promote renewal and detoxification. While the Coffee extract may help to improve skin texture and tone and enrich your body with vitamin B3, the orange and cinnamon are for brightening and uplifting. Alternatively, indulge in a luxury bath experience when you pour 30 ml of oil into a steamy swirl. 


STEP 2: Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Corrective Cream

Rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits such as fighting free radicals, this corrective cream is not to be missed. Target the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture and tone by applying daily as a moisturiser after your bath or shower. For enhanced lymphatic drainage, use firm circular upward movements.


STEP 3: Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish

Stimulate and purify with our Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish for brighter and smoother skin. Massage the polish into the skin in circular movements all over the body to maximise the benefits of its nourishing blend of baobab oil, cocoa butter, orange and cinnamon, and crushed grape seed. For maximum benefit, use this polish twice weekly. Follow with the balm of your choice.


STEP 4, of course, is to enjoy beautiful healthy skin that has been nurtured and nourished to perfection! Luxuriate in the glow of your pampered body this winter with our world-renowned offering.