Healing Home Collection

The Best Journey Takes You Home...


Our stunning new Healing Home curated collection is inspired by our Founder & CEO Elisabeth Brandt’s passion for creating sanctuaries of holistic wellbeing at home, spas, hotels and lodges, and draws on the energetic healing properties of the mandala


The collection has been thoughtfully created to help you curate your own bath and wellness rituals in the comfort of your home – whether it’s lighting an aromatherapy candle or luxuriating in a fragrant bath that helps you create a sense of peace in your space.


Boasting an ambient aromatherapy room and pillow & linen mist, diffuser and candle; as well as a fragrant bath oil and bath salts plus a hand & body gel and creme duo, the bespoke new luxury range will elevate and enhance your living space with the soothing and uplifting sights, smells, and textures of wellbeing. 


Allow yourself to be transported on a journey to a peaceful and whole self in a fragmented world - a journey to health and wholeness inspired by the natural bounty of the earth that selflessly nourishes us, and the physical space that houses our quietest moments - a journey home.



Ambient Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Allow your space to be infused with a bespoke blend of unique aromatherapy oils including fragrant sakura, uplifting jasmine, warming saffron and unique oud wood mixed with pure grapeseed oil.



Ambient Aromatherapy Candle

Light up your space to evoke a sense of peace, calm and grounding with our earthy yet luxurious, long-lasting natural aromatherapy candle.



Pillow & Linen Mist 

Spritz your way to serenity with a soothing blend of refreshing rose water, purifying Kalahari rock crystals and indigenous rooibos extract combined with a bespoke aromatherapy blend of relaxing lavender and uplifting neroli. 



Ambient Room Mist

Make every room a haven of sensory delight with a unique infusion of rare, timeless saffron and the lingering warm, vibrant essence of oud wood refined with traces of precious amber.



Fragrant Bath Oil

Relax and reconnect with naturally nourishing luxury oils enriched with decadent rose and oud wood, and gently laced with warming spices to create the perfectly curated fragrance to completely transport you to bath time bliss. 



Himalayan Aromatherapy Salt
Allow any home, room or occasion to be transformed to a ritualistic journey with inviting memories through the ambiance of rose quartz Himalayan salts, sprinkled with drops of bespoke, hand-crafted bath oils enriched with the unique and rare aromas of black orchid, amber and oud wood. 


Hand & Body Gel
Cleanse your hands and body the natural, luxurious way with our pure aromatherapy formulation of indigenous plant extracts and luxurious aromatherapy oils for a pure, multi-sensory bath, shower or basin experience.
Hand & Body Creme
Naturally nourish and deeply hydrate your hands and body the pure, luxurious way with our premium aromatherapy formulation of uplifting florals, warming spices, healing essential oils and more.



Healing Home Rituals

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a new level of home sanctuary pampering with our all-in-one home ambience enhancement premium gift sets consisting of your favourite Healing Home products.